Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A great end to a great year!

And what a year it's been, since staring out early in '09 UK Tickling has really taken off and seem some absolutely phenomenal ladies get tied and tickled for the first time. I'm really pleased with how things have gone and look forward to another year with even more surpises ahead!

Anyway, since this year is not yet over I thought it was time for a post-Christmas update! Things have been pretty busy over the festive period with a lot of beautiful ladies coming in...some familiar faces, some completely new - and there'll be many more visiting us in January too! For now though, here's a quick round-up of the next few clips to come:

First off, Abbi Taylor and her best friend Sammy came in for a shoot together. Sammy is super-ticklish and this was quite an insane shoot all round - as can be seen in the preview below!

Next up, is an amazing (and as yet unreleased) scene from December's shoot with the awesome Dannii Harwood. Under arm fans will love this one...though to be honest, anyone will love this one!! See this post for samples of Dannii and Lucy Zara together from the same shoot!

Next, Uk Tickling's favourite mother and daughter combo Toni and Melissa returned just before Christmas for another tickle session - I had many requests to do another shoot with these two and am fairly confident that people will enjoy the results!

Another familiar face, Laura returned from her travels and came in for a shoot this week...and she looked sensational too!

...and then today, a complete surprise: Chantel asked if she could do a shoot this week...and I said: 'how about this afternoon?' It was an unbelievable shoot - she was off the charts ticklish today!

All of these will be coming up very soon so look out for them over the next week or so! Have a great New Year all....there's a lot more to come in January!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Coming up in December...

December is set to be a very busy month at UK Tickling...time for a much needed update on things to come I think!

In this week alone, there'll be a total of 9 gorgeous (and ticklish) ladies appearing in 5 seperate shoots. Starting with

Wednesay 7th December:

Dannii Harwood and Lucy Zara - I'm sure that I don't need to explain who Dannii is to most of you, but for those of you who didn't know Lucy, she's another gorgeous glamour babe - and a good friend of Dannii's too...should be some very hot scenes to come from this one!

Abbi Taylor and Lynsey *Edit - Lynsey cancelled this time*
We all know about Abbi and her legendary reactions, but this will be Lynsey's first appearance at UK Tickling - she was due to shoot last month but had to cancel due to the terrible weather...lucky for us she decided to make another date!

Sunday 13th December:

Monica Harris and Heather
Again, Monica is shaping up to be something of a legend - perhaps because she's the most ticklish person on earth, or perhaps because she's incredibly attractive? Maybe it's both...who knows! :) Heather is another gorgeous lady who describes herself as VERY ticklish - this one will be good!

Ayla and Lucie
Both of these ladies claim to be extremely ticklish and Ayla has said that her main worry is that she may end up in tears! They're both very attractive this too much for one day??

...possibly, but we also have Amy coming in during the evening! Not only is she a total bombshell herself, but - you guessed it, she's apparently very ticklish too! *Edit - Amy has had to postpone until early Jan after breaking her knee!*

Sunday 20th December:

Whew! What a week! But that's not all because the following weekend we have the long awaited return of two favourites: mother and daughter combo Toni and Melissa. It's not hard to see why these two are so seems that a lot of people like to see Toni tickle torturing her mum and vice-versa funnily enough! ;) There may even be another lady joining the pair this time - we'll have to wait and see...

Monday 28th December:

and finally, after a brief Christmas break (we've all got to have a rest at some point) there'll be still more to come in the form of the ever-lovely Laura! Laura's apparently been in South Africa for a few months working at an orphanage and animal sanctuary - I'm sure that many will be glad to know she's back here in the UK and ready to be tied and tickled once more! There should be another new model joining her on this one too!

Ok, well that'll certainly keep me busy for a while. As ever if you have any requests or would like a custom shoot from any of these, just drop an email to: and I'll see what we can do!


Friday, 27 November 2009

Coming Up Later: Four-girl Tickle Madness!

This one is coming up very soon...Monica and Abbi Vs Sophie and Nina in a FF/FF tickle war! It was very loud to say the least! :)

There was some serious revenge being dished out here!!!

Mistress Red

This usually dominant lady turned out to be very ticklish....

Monday, 16 November 2009

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Skye goes nuts!

Literally - really nuts! ...a sneak preview of her second tickle clip - coming up this week!

(and it was like that pretty much the whole way through!!)

Monday, 9 November 2009

New Shoots For November / December

About time for a full update on forthcoming shoots for this month and next...I've been busy making arrangements to tie and tickle some beautiful ladies between now and Christmas! Remember, if you are interested in having a custom shoot from any of those listed below, or even if you just have suggestion or idea you would like to see, just email and I'll be in touch!

Right then. To kick things off, just today I've just completed my first shoot with Sophie (no, not that Sophie, but a new Sophie!):

She's a very cute, tiny, young model from Leicester - and she turned out to be VERY ticklish too! (preview pics coming soon)
...and don't worry - we'll still be seeing plenty more of the original Sophie!

Next, on the 15th November we have another petite model in the form of Lynsey (pictured right) She's going to be featuring in her first ever tickle shoot with experienced, mature fetish mistress Red:

...both ladies are apparently very ticklish so it should be a lot fun!

On the following weekend 22nd November, we have a first - 3 girls in one shoot! Monica, Sophie and Nina all's also worth mentioning that Abbi Taylor has expressed an interest in joining them too - 4 girls at once?! ...we'll have to wait and see! ;)

One week later, on 28th November we have two gorgeous new models together - Summer and Kim:

Then on 6th December, we have another first in the form of the lovely Tori, who says that she LOVES being tickled (she is also a member of the TMF!) :

A couple of days later on 9th December, I'll be travelling down to Sussex for another shoot with the ever popular super-babe, Dannii Harwood!

Then, on the following weekend 13th December, two new faces making their uktickling debuts together - beautiful eurasian model Ayla and the lovely Lucie:

Whew! ..and if all of that isn't enough, we'll also be seeing everybody's favourite mother and daughter Toni-Lou and Melissa back for a Christmas tickle shoot on the 20th December!

I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Coming Up Next...

Time for a little update on things to come! Firstly, there are two sets of clips to come from my last two shoots with Skye:

..and last night's shoot with Abbi and Sophie - it was a re-match and really, pretty awesome...hysterical in fact! :)

You've just gotta love these two!

These will be coming very soon! :)