Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Coming up in December...

December is set to be a very busy month at UK Tickling...time for a much needed update on things to come I think!

In this week alone, there'll be a total of 9 gorgeous (and ticklish) ladies appearing in 5 seperate shoots. Starting with

Wednesay 7th December:

Dannii Harwood and Lucy Zara - I'm sure that I don't need to explain who Dannii is to most of you, but for those of you who didn't know Lucy, she's another gorgeous glamour babe - and a good friend of Dannii's too...should be some very hot scenes to come from this one!

Abbi Taylor and Lynsey *Edit - Lynsey cancelled this time*
We all know about Abbi and her legendary reactions, but this will be Lynsey's first appearance at UK Tickling - she was due to shoot last month but had to cancel due to the terrible weather...lucky for us she decided to make another date!

Sunday 13th December:

Monica Harris and Heather
Again, Monica is shaping up to be something of a legend - perhaps because she's the most ticklish person on earth, or perhaps because she's incredibly attractive? Maybe it's both...who knows! :) Heather is another gorgeous lady who describes herself as VERY ticklish - this one will be good!

Ayla and Lucie
Both of these ladies claim to be extremely ticklish and Ayla has said that her main worry is that she may end up in tears! They're both very attractive too...is this too much for one day??

...possibly, but we also have Amy coming in during the evening! Not only is she a total bombshell herself, but - you guessed it, she's apparently very ticklish too! *Edit - Amy has had to postpone until early Jan after breaking her knee!*

Sunday 20th December:

Whew! What a week! But that's not all because the following weekend we have the long awaited return of two favourites: mother and daughter combo Toni and Melissa. It's not hard to see why these two are so popular...it seems that a lot of people like to see Toni tickle torturing her mum and vice-versa funnily enough! ;) There may even be another lady joining the pair this time - we'll have to wait and see...

Monday 28th December:

and finally, after a brief Christmas break (we've all got to have a rest at some point) there'll be still more to come in the form of the ever-lovely Laura! Laura's apparently been in South Africa for a few months working at an orphanage and animal sanctuary - I'm sure that many will be glad to know she's back here in the UK and ready to be tied and tickled once more! There should be another new model joining her on this one too!

Ok, well that'll certainly keep me busy for a while. As ever if you have any requests or would like a custom shoot from any of these, just drop an email to: uktickling@hotmail.co.uk and I'll see what we can do!


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    I don’t want to devote a great deal of this entry towards how great I think your output is, because, along with loads of other foot- and tickle-related stuff from various elsewhere’s and elsewhen’s, I’m “hoping” to highlight some of it in kinky detail when I get caught up in my own fetishistic part of the web. It’s not going to be anything like a rival site (you get enough problematic rivalry from that stateside toe-foe duo Tickle Abuse and Tickle Central), it’ll just be low-key fan-perspective fare. Geez, I could never do what people like you do; I wouldn’t know how to get the ball (of the feet?) rolling. Maybe the fact that I loused-up big-style in English Lit, quite some years back now, means I shouldn’t be considering doing anything on even a written level, but, well…let ‘em burn. Anyway, before I go on, I should try making it clear why I’m wading to you from here in the lesser-visited murk of the bloggy backwoods. Hmm, let’s just say I’m deliberately making heavy work of my progress because I’m stalling; due in total to how even this mostly overlooked dwelling is probably a sinappropriate place for the venture I’ve got in mind – for you. Can you remember, not a hundred years ago, when you put to the TMF membership that you were open to suggestions about who you’d be preying your fingers on in the future?? Well I agreed about some of the names thrown forward, and was thrilled by the responses you got from Angelina’s body (just thought I’d throw that out there) yet was left wondering if you’d gamble on a relatively unknown adult-channel call-girl; one who oozes erotic promise but who, up to date, hasn’t become a fully recognized name in the glam babe kinkdom. One such girl, who I’m sure would prove a worthy addition to your sites’ line-up because she’s got a beautiful head on her shoulders and pretty peds on her legs, is Red Light Central newbie, Lucy: she of the slinky leather two-piece, doing the early morn shift on channel 948 last Monday (the 23rd of January). I’ve only seen her on the channel that one day but I’d wager she’s got assets enough to become a regular knockout, she received a good few messages regarding how great-looking she is, and us foot freaks (well that’s what we are) couldn’t let escape the complimentary beauty that resided at the other end(s) of her body. You know, without any caller motivation she had her bare soles exposed in a pedicure-parading feet-for-all; you sort of received the feeling she wasn’t unwise to their desirability at all. Taking that into account, maybe you could reel her in gently by coercing some sheer showboating for your nylon site, then go from there. Ooh, I can imagine her being very glamboyant and slavourable to your – and the fans’ – needs.